5 Reasons Why Choose SHIWELD’s Welding Machine

SHIWELD Company is a China welding machine supplier that focuses on providing high-quality welding machines to its customers. SHIWELD manufactures and sells MMA WELDING MACHINE, MIG/MAG WELDING MACHINE, TIG WELDING MACHINE, PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE, WELDING HELMETS, hand PROTECTION GLOVES, and ABRASIVE PRODUCTS.

SHIWELD’s customers are in industries such as construction, automotive manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, shipping, public facilities, and construction machinery. If you are in one of these industries and are looking for welding machines with a competitive price, then SHIWELD has you covered.5-Reasons-Why-Choose-SHIWELD’s-Welding-Machine

Below are some reasons as to why SHIWELD is the best when it comes to welding machine suppliers.

Rich in OEM & ODM Experience

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufactures the product or its components and then sold under the purchaser’s brand name. OEM is often found in production. However, it can also be found in the service industry, such as quality control and delivery
An Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is responsible for designing as well as manufacturing the product. An ODM then sells the product to wholesalers as opposed to the direct market.

Control of every Aspect

The same management team oversees every aspect of the production of the welding machines manufactured. Therefore, the quality control is uniform across each step in the process. This helps to ensure that all welding machines meet superb quality standards, which also adds value to the company.

Outstanding Research and Development Department

The R&D department is focused on developing innovative welding techniques in order to ensure that our customers receive only the most advanced products. At SHIWELD, it is believed that to be able to be to a top China welding machine supplier, it is of the utmost importance to be in the know when it comes to the latest and greatest in R&D.

Certified to be Safe

As with any industry, safety in the welding sector is a priority. SHIWELD takes pride in its leadership in the welding industry by building advanced and solution-centric products ensuring user safety during welding. This is essential as there are quite a bit of safety hazards in the welding industry.

The Takeaway

SHIWELD is committed to providing high-quality welding machines with a competitive price to all of its customers without exception. With so many different options the choose from, it is no wonder as to why SHIWELD is a leader in China’s welding machine suppliers. There are two distinct areas within which SHIWELD sells its welding products, and therefore there is a diversification in its customers. By participating in each step of the production process, the staff can further attest to the quality of the products sold. SHIWELD has an entire team dedicated

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