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5 Reasons Why Choose SHIWELD’s Welding Machine

SHIWELD Company is a China welding machine supplier that focuses on providing high-quality welding machines to its customers. SHIWELD manufactures and sells MMA WELDING MACHINE, MIG/MAG WELDING MACHINE, TIG WELDING MACHINE, PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE, WELDING HELMETS, hand PROTECTION GLOVES, and ABRASIVE PRODUCTS. SHIWELD’s customers are in industries such as construction, automotive manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, shipping, […]

More Competitive MIG Welding Machine Manufacturer

Where to get China Welding Machine for wholesale in China. SHIWELD CO., LTD established since 2009 has maintained its good reputation of producing high-quality MIG welding machine, TIG welding machine, Plasma cutting machine, Welding helmets, and protective gloves among other products. Shiweld Co.Ltd has been the best choice due to its reliability, efficient and high-quality […]

2019 Guide For Quality China Welding Machine

If you are looking for companies that offer quality welding machines in China, Shiweld is the perfect choice for you. A welding machine is an equipment used to join two materials such as steel, aluminum, or plastic and fusing them. Fillers are used to hold the materials together during the process. Arc welding, MIG welding, […]

Where To Find Best Portable Plasma Cutter Machine?

Many new and innovative methods of processing and manufacturing products are gaining popularity in today’s era of technological advancements and globalization. Today 3D printers have become popular all over the world because they can make a live model of any design. However Computer Numeric Controlled or CNC cutting machines are commonly used in bulk production […]