More Competitive MIG Welding Machine Manufacturer

Where to get China Welding Machine for wholesale in China.

SHIWELD CO., LTD established since 2009 has maintained its good reputation of producing high-quality MIG welding machine, TIG welding machine, Plasma cutting machine, Welding helmets, and protective gloves among other products. Shiweld Co.Ltd has been the best choice due to its reliability, efficient and high-quality welding machine manufacturing. The company has maintained a good reputation in manufacturing and supplying of a broad spectrum of MIG/MAG welding machine in China and Globally.More Competitive MIG Welding Machine Manufacturer

These items have always been very competitive and highly acclaimed on the market. The company has a wide infrastructure solution such as welding machines, quality analysis units, export and supply units. Quality assurance is always guaranteed since after production the company’s quality inspection team conducts quality tests. Our company has for the past decade led the welding industry by building solution-centric, advanced and safety-sensitive products that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Why choose our products?

The company is an ISO 9001 certified in addition to GS, CE, and Rohs certification thus ensuring that all the company products meet the critical requirements of the health and safety in the welding industry. As a result of the high demand of the company’s products, the company has gained global competitive reaching a network sale in France, Germany, South Africa, and Egypt among other established nations.

The company design team has always focused on designing and developing welding products with the most recent and innovative technology that ensures that our clients also lead the welding industry by delivering products of the highest quality. Our quality control and assurance team have to monitor the raw materials, the production unit and the finished goods thus the all the products are not only highly qualified but also relevant and complies with global regulations.

How does MIG welding machine function?

Metal inert gas is also known as Gas metal arc welding is a process of welding whereby an electric arc is formed between your workpiece and the consumable wire electrode which after heating up the workpiece causes the metal to join or melts altogether. The shielding gas has been designed to feed via the welding gun end to end with your Electric Welding Machine wire electrode thus shielding your welding process from the contamination in the air. Our welding machine is designed with advanced technology such that your welding process can automatic or semiautomatic thus saving your time and resources.

The MIG welding machine uses the constant voltage from a direct source of power but also it can operate in alternating current. MIG has for main metal transfer methods namely the short-circuiting, globular, pulsed –spray and the spray with a big difference in each properties matching their specific benefits and demerits. The ten years of experience has enabled the company to provide better and customer-specific orders.

Are you a MIG welding machine wholesaler looking for the best welding machine in China, it is important to focus on these tips to choose the best for your clients.MIG Welding Machine Price has always been affordable since the MIG welding machine is a product from highly experienced and trained team manufacturing welding machines of high quality.

Modern and innovative technology applied in the manufacturing of the MIG welding machine thus very competitive in the global market for higher profit margin.

The company has a good experience team of quality control professionals for ensuring that all international compliance are met such as the quality of raw material like the inert welding gas ordered are of high quality.

Modern technology and innovation ensure that our welding machine is energy efficient and reliable in energy conservation.

Safe for your health

Stable in various energy sources

Why Shiweld is the best welding machine manufacturer in China compared to the rest of Chinese suppliers?

Shiweld having been in operation for the last ten year has gathered adequate experience thus the company put her clients in the first priority by offering them troubleshooting products and most advanced products. This has made the company remain very competitive throughout her period of operation. The company also understand her customer’s health and safety measures thus the MIG welding machine is more than sure for safety and health requirements.


Are you in China searching for the best welding company in China? Shiweld is the solution for all of your worries. The company manufactures high-quality welding machine for the last decade thus high quality, innovative efficient welding machines. Shiweld has also ensured it compliances with all regulations for better customer services.

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