Welding is a complicated and yet very crucial task that is required by most constructions. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to both the welding machines and processes. And that is why SHIWELD Company is here to help you in any welding issue. We are reputable Welding Machines Manufacturers around China and give the best products which are not only of high quality but also durable and reliable.

Founded in 2009, SHIWELD® CO., LTD is the leading manufacturer and supplier of MMA WELDING MACHINE, TIG WELDING MACHINE, PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE, MIG/MAG WELDING MACHINE, hand PROTECTION GLOVES, WELDING HELMETS, and also ABRASIVE PRODUCTS. All our products are acclaimed as well as preferred on the market due to their top-notch quality.

Why choose our products!

Reliable manufactures and suppliers

SHIWELD team is ultimately focused on coming up with welding technology to make sure all customers access top-notch products. As a result, we emerged as the leading welding industry in building improved, solution-centric products that suit the needs of both welding safety and health. Moreover, we were rewarded with ISO9001, GS, CE, and Rohs.

Consequently, our production of high-quality products and outstanding client service helped us to gain a global network of sales reaching France, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Colombia, etc.

Strict quality controlMust-know-About-MMA-Welding-Machine-Equipment-Suppliers-From-China-SHIWELD

Our company is devoted to offering high-quality products by supplying them from skilled manufacturers and offering first-rate client service. That is why after production, our quality inspection team MUST test the quality of all our products based on industrial parameters so as to make sure our customers get the best quality.

Our company has a wide range of infrastructure from manufacturing units, quality analysis units, supply and export units to warehouse as well as packaging. We are dedicated to offering superior quality products to all global companies to outweigh today’s competitive market.

High-quality products

SHIWELD Company is a China Welding Equipment Factory pioneer within the welding industry. Our role is to develop great solutions that enhance your business success. Our MMA welding machines are best suited for most outdoor activities from construction sites, automotive and aircraft manufacturing to shipbuilding and construction machinery as they are more giving when it comes to welding when windy or on rusty or dusty metal. In other words, all our models and brands are even compatible with power generators and able to run in a wide range of conditions from subzero temperatures state to desert heat.

Moreover, they are well durable, service friendly, require less maintenance, compact, lightweight and also resource-conserving. Thanks to the effective and efficient inverter technology combined with processes of reducing energy, our products are quite energy saving. We are MMA Welding Machine Suppliers who professionally meet the demands of customers in every aspect. Our Arc ignition and dynamic control make sure that every electrode used burns effortlessly in order to produce quality welds.


I’m sure you are interested in our products because we give the best quality always! Why don’t you contact us to discuss an order or visit our website for more information? We are anticipating to establishing a firm business relationship with new customers globally in the near future.