DX-980E Automatic Dimming Filter China Suppliers

model ADF DX-980E
Optical grade 1/1/1/2
Window size 98*80mm
Installation size 133*14*10mm
sensor 4
brightness DIN 4
Darkness Can change, 5~8.5/9~13
Darkness control Internal adjustment, adjustable
switch Fully automatic
Sensitivity control Low to high, stepless adjustment knob
UV/IR protection DIN 16
power supply Solar battery 1*CR2450 lithium battery
From light to dark 1/25000S
From dark to bright 0.1~2.0S, stepless adjustment knob
Low ampere TIG 5amps (DC), 5amps (AC)
Grinding function Have
Low capacity alarm Have
ADF self-test Have
Operating temperature -5°C~+55°C ( 23°F~131°F)
Storage temperature -20°C~+70°C (-4°F~158°F)
warranty period 1 year
weight 530g
Package dimensions 34*23*26cm

Packaging and Shipment

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