Where To Find Best Portable Plasma Cutter Machine?

Where To Find Best Portable Plasma Cutter MachineMany new and innovative methods of processing and manufacturing products are gaining popularity in today’s era of technological advancements and globalization. Today 3D printers have become popular all over the world because they can make a live model of any design.

However Computer Numeric Controlled or CNC cutting machines are commonly used in bulk production of metal parts as well as parts made of different types of plastic because of their extreme efficiency.

Though you can find a number of companies that can provide plasma cutters as well as portable plasma cutters of your choice for your plasma cutting business but if you want a cost-effective and reliable solution then a China company, Shiweld, can fulfill your requirements.

Shiweld is one of the best Chinese manufacturers and providers of the solutions for professional welders. The information provided here under will help you to know Shiweld and its products more closely.

Introduction with Shiweld

In 2009, Shiweld Co. Ltd was launched in the Chinese market as a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of welding and cutting machines as well as accessories. The products introduced by Shiweld include MIG/MAG WELDING MACHINE, MMA WELDING MACHINE, PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE, TIG WELDING MACHINE, HAND PROTECTION GLOVES, and WELDING HELMETS, along with an Abrasive Products produced in their factory no. 2. All of their products are highly preferred and commended in the market.

During the last 10 years, Shiweld has made enormous progress in the Chinese market and became the leading manufacturer in this field.

Along with producing various types of welding and plasma cutting machines they also have their export unit to supply their products throughout the world and quality analysis unit to produce the best quality products for their customers. Moreover, they also have their own packaging units and warehouses to keep everything under their control.SHIWELD

This company has also been certified and accredited by GS, ROHS and IS9001 CE for the best quality of its products including Plasma cutting machine. For this reason, this company is famous throughout the world including France, Germany, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa and Colombia along with China itself.

Apart from the manufacturing units of its welding and cutting machines this company also has an infrastructure to analyze the quality of its products, warehouses for storing and packaging them and a unit to supply and export them. After producing solution-based and advanced products as per the standards of the industry, their quality is tested by their quality inspectors to provide the best quality and safe products to their global as well as local customers.

The main aim of Shiweld

By manufacturing and supplying various types of high-quality welding and plasma cutting machines, the main aim of Shiweld is to provide high-class services and products to its customers in China as well as around the world to help them grow in today’s competitive market conditions.

Services provided by Shiweld

Shiweld has focused on developing innovative technology for its welding machines with the help of its R&D team to provide high-quality products to its customersThey ensure the quality of their products in compliance with the regulations by monitoring the in-process goods, raw materials, in-process audit, and finished goods with the help of their QC&QA teamThey provide personalized services at every step t their customers with the help of their Pre & After Sales team having experience for more than 10 years.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine produced by Shiweld

Shiweld has introduced its CNC Plasma Cutting Machine in the market with 350mm x 150mm x 250mm dimensions and 9 kg to 18.5 kg weight as an innovative product. This machine has a plasma torch which it can move on a computer-directed path to cut metal objects. The numerically coded motion program of the machine is directed by the computer to move the torch. Main benefits of this plasma cutting machine over handheld torch are that it can be used for high-quality metal fabrication by cutting the edges or parts accurately.

Features of Plasma Cutting Machines of Shiweld

Shiweld has manufactured three models of plasma cutting machines – Cut- 40, Cut- 60 and Cut- 60/380 for the convenience of their users. The technical features of Cut-40 only are briefly discussed here under for your consideration as logically the features of the machines of higher configurations can be almost similar but their performance can be better than this model.

The specifications of cut-40 may include:

Frequency: 50/60 Hz,Input capacity: 5.8 KVA,Weight: 9 kgCutting thickness: 10 mmDegree of protection: goodInsulation class: goodWelding current: 10-40ADuty cycle: 60%Works on the main voltage: 1PH 230 AC/VNo-load voltage: 240 V

All these features make CNC plasma cutting machine of Shiweld a versatile and strong machine. This machine can be suitable for cutting various type of metal pipes, sheets, plates, straps, and bolts, etc. quickly due to its distinctive properties

Reasons to rely on Shiweld

The products produced by Shiweld are most reliable due to many reasons including inspection of quality as per the parameters of the industry after the production process is over. It guarantees to provide the best quality products to its customers.

Another reason to rely on Shiweld is its guarantee to deliver your order properly as per the requirement of its customers. Moreover, they can reduce the cost of handling, packaging, and shipping of their products as they have all the arrangements of their own. They need not depend on others and bear their cost.

All these things have made Shiweld a leading China company in the welding industry of this country.

Where To Find Best Portable Plasma Cutter MachineWhere To Find Best Portable Plasma Cutter Machine
Top Quality CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Cutters BusinessTop Quality CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Cutters Business


After going through the information provided in this write-up you can make a well-informed decision while buying CNC cutting machines, plasma cutters, plasma cutting, and portable plasma cutter form a China company, like Shiweld.

So, if you find any of the products manufactured by Shiweld interesting for your business then you can contact them anytime to discuss your requirements. They will try their best to fulfill all of your requirements and supply your order anywhere in the world at very reasonable prices. Shiweld is the right place to find the best portable plasma cutter machines in China.

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