Founded in the year 2009, SHIWELD CO. LTD is a leading and highly reputed manufacturer of MIG/MAG welding machines, MMA welding machines, Plasma cutting machines, TIG welding machines, hand protection gloves, Welding helmets and various other kinds of abrasive products that are highly required in the construction and building industries. Starting from the infrastructure to warehouses and packaging, everything related to our company is highly efficient. Today our company name has reached every part of the world including Germany, Egypt, France, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa and other countries.

What makes us different from other welding machine suppliers?Where-to-find-MIG-Welding-Machine-Suppliers-in-China

In this highly competitive market, SHIWELD is standing straight for more than ten years. What makes us unique is our dedication to our customers. We are leading the welding industry meeting the critical needs of our customer such as offering solution-centric and advanced products. We also keep no stone unturned to promote health and safety in the welding industry. All of our products go through quality inspection test after the production process is done to meet the industrial parameters. Our motto is to ensure the best quality products to our customers worldwide.

Various welding products offered by SHIWELD

Being one of the most trusted China Welding Machine suppliers, SHIWELD offers the following high-end welding products:

Welding Machines

The MMA welding machines manufactured by our company is mostly designed for outdoor activities and is used in the construction industry. These welding machines are used in the automotive, aircraft and shipbuilding industry. Special features of our high-end welding machines may include:

They are compatible with power generators.They can run in adverse conditions such as from desert heat to the subzero level of temperature. They are also super durable, lightweight and compact.One of the most important benefits is our models are service friendly that is they require less maintenance. The effective inverter technology makes our welding models quite energy efficient thereby saving a lot of money.

Welding helmets and welding gloves

As China’s best MIG Welder manufacturers, we also manufacture high-quality welding accessories like helmets and gloves. As we look forward to our client safety we are offering highly heat resistant gloves that are unisex. These are durable and thick and are long enough to protect the forearms as well. On, the other hand, the welding helmets that we manufacture are comfortable to wear and have auto-darkening filter switches. These are easily adjustable and can be used in different environmental conditions.

Abrasive welding products

The company sells two types of abrasive products- bonded abrasive & diamond abrasive. The diamond blade consists of a diamond on the edge of the product for cutting purpose whereas the bonded abrasive consists of filler mixtures. One of our exclusive products in the plasma cutting machine that cuts hard metals by using hot plasma jet.


Now that you know the features and special benefits of our products, you might be interested to use our products. Just visit our official website for more product descriptions or directly contact us through our email id. We are looking forward to establishing a strong business relationship with you!