SHIWELD is a China Welding Equipment Factory that is located in China, and it was developed in 2009. This company manufactures and supplies welding machines and materials including MMA welding machine, plasma cutting machine, MIG/MAG high-quality welding machine, TIG welding machine and also manufactures protective gloves, welding helmets, and abrasive product. The company comprises of different units such as quality analysis unit, manufacturing unit, warehouse, and packaging units, and export and supply units.

Some of the welding products that this company supply to its customers include;

Welding helmets

This is protective gears for welding. SHIWELD Company offers the best welding helmets, which include smart series welding helmet, artery series welding cap, Vista series welding helmet, among others. These welding caps are advantageous over other welding helmets from other companies in that;
I. They offer a clean and comfortable view since they are equipped with the standard view
II. The helmets are also cost-effectiveYour-Best-Welding-Machine-Suppliers-in-China-for-Your-Business-SHIWELD
III. They can be used in a wide range of environments
IV. They are installed with auto-darkening filter switches that aid in eye protection
V. There manual is easily adjustable and thus can meet different demands

Welding gloves

SHIWELD Company also manufactures welding gloves. These welding gloves possess various qualities such as;
I. They are highly resistant to heat
II. They are unisex that is can be worn by both men and women
III. They are durable and also thick
IV. They also offer protection to the forearms

Abrasive products

The company manufactures two main abrasive products that are bonded abrasive and diamond blade. Bonded abrasive comprises of a mixture of fillers, abrasive grains and bonding materials such as rubber, resin, magnetite, vitreous, shellac among others. On the other hand diamond blade is an abrasive product that has a diamond at the edges of the blade. These blades are used for hard cutting.

Plasma cutting machine

This is a cutting machine that cuts materials that can conduct electrical current such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and steel by use of an accelerated jet of hot plasma.

Welding machines

The company also manufactures and supply three main types of welding machines including MMA welding machine which is used for stick welding, MIG(metal inert gas) welding machine and TIG(Tungsten inert gas) welding machine.

Benefits of SHIWELD Company

1. Offer high-quality welding materials
2. They have excellent customer service
3. Have a strongly connected sales network around the world, and thus, they are easily accessible.
4. They offer products at affordable prices
5. Offer welding products that ensure safety and health during welding

SHIWELD Company is thus the best welding machines suppliers in China and the rest of the world. The company works by the relevant regulations, especially when it comes to product production. The company also have experienced employees that are well knowledgeable about welding material and offer more personalized customer service. Before supplying their products, the company’s quality control team ensure that the welding products produced are of high quality, and the industrial parameters make them. This has enabled their products to be highly claimed and preferred by customers.